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16850-001 Thermo-hydrometer, 0.500-0.650, 0/120F
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  • /media/17729/17729_1.jpg16850-001 Thermo-hydrometer, 0.500-0.650, 0/120F
Item# 16850-001

16850-001 Thermo-hydrometer, 0.500-0.650, 0/120F


$44.65 / each

Product Description

For measuring the specific gravity of liquefied petroleum gases.

Specific Gravity: 0.500-0.650
Temp Range: 0 to 120 deg F
Subdivisions: .001
Length: 15"


The RSC Pressure Hydrometer Jar is a convenient means for obtaining the specific gravity of liquefied petroleum gases, such as propane and butane, which under normal atmospheric pressure would evaporate into a gaseous form. The jar consists of a clear lucite cylinder with aluminum end caps clamped in place by tie-rods, and mounted on a conical base. Three needle valves allow entry of sample and level adjustment. The jar will withstand operating pressures of 200 psi at normal temperatures. A relief valve provides for excessive pressure

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